Answer: Yes, everyone who wants to participate in a race, whether accompanying a child or alone, must register. Each race will have its own bib color and everyone must have the right color bib to start.

Answer: No, not at this time, as we want to offer medals and other items to runners to optimize the customer experience. We need to stay true to our pricing.


  • A general training plan is available. Send us an email at
  • Babyjoggers (or other strollers) are allowed unless otherwise noted. However, we prefer that these people start at the back of the pack to avoid any accidents.
  • Sign up in advance if you are able to do so. This allows volunteers to be assigned to other tasks on race morning. Fill out your registration form legibly and completely. Online registration is encouraged and will save you money. When you register online, you will receive a confirmation that can be requested on race morning by the organizers.
  • When you pick up your bib, make sure you check all the information on it. It is preferable to make corrections before the start of your race (age, gender, spelling mistakes).
  • Pin your bib to the front of your outer garment and keep it clearly visible to officials, the announcer, photographers or medical personnel who may need to identify you.
  • Do not run the race if you are not registered. This could cause errors in the race standings.
  • Do not give your number to another person if you are unable to race.
  • If you wish to change and shorten your distance on race day, the Classic Circuit allows it at no cost. But we prefer to know before the start of the races to limit errors in the official results.
  • Position yourself according to your ability at the start line. If you are a slow runner or plan to walk a portion of the course, position yourself towards the back of the pack so you don’t get pushed around at the start.
  • Do not block the path of runners behind you. When approaching a water station or if you are forced to stop, move to the side before stopping your run. Watch out for other runners when you have to throw your water glass, spit or do any other unexpected manoeuvre.
  • The use of headphones is not recommended for safety reasons (iPod, MP3, CD players). It is your duty to listen to the instructions of volunteers, officials or police officers during your event. It may be risky to wear devices that prevent you from hearing surrounding sounds, such as motorized vehicles…You do so at your own risk!
  • Don’t stop running cold turkey at the finish line. Keep moving to make room for the runners behind you. Leave the finish area as soon as possible to avoid congestion. Cross the finish line only once with your chip on you.
  • Be courteous and polite to volunteers. Most are day volunteers and may not have answers to all your questions. Ask them to direct you to one of the team leaders or the race director if they cannot answer your questions. To better appreciate the work of a volunteer, there is nothing like offering your services to the organizers if you are unable to race due to injury…

Answer: Please feel free to contact the race director at or call him/her at 514-217-0049 to get your information. This will allow us to improve our website and help other runners who have the same question!

Answer: Unfortunately, if you have not picked up your gift on the day of the event, the organizers have the right to give it to another person. However, a friend can pick up your prize for you.

Answer: Yes, we are required by municipalities to hire a first aid/first responder team. Do not hesitate to ask a volunteer from the organization if you need one.

Answer: You can walk/run distances from 1 to 10 km, but for the 21.1 km you must finish in 2:15 and 4h30 for marathon.

Answer: A certified course is a course that is measured on a bike by 2 or more people, with an instrument called the JONES-OERTH meter. Other measuring instruments, including GPS watches, do not meet Athletics Canada’s requirements for certification. Contact us at if you want to know more about the subject.

Answer: More and more municipalities are demanding that we reduce the amount of space reserved for our activity in order to disturb as few residents as possible.

We must admit that this makes it easier to ensure the safety of runners on a 5 km loop than on a 10 km loop (number of volunteers required, barricades, cadets and police required, etc.). By meeting the requirements of the police forces and the Public Security of the municipalities, we wish to demonstrate our collaboration in order to be able to hold our events year after year!

Answer: Yes, all Classic Series events will provide you with a light snack. Each event tries to have different partners to offer you new healthy products to discover! To avoid disappointment, bring your favorite snacks and complement them with ours!

Answer: We follow the I.A.A.F. (International Amateur Athletic Federation) rules. Please contact us if you would like a copy.

Answer: Not everyone reacts the same way when stressed in the run-up to a competition. Our facilities normally open 1.5 hours before the first race start. The earlier you arrive, the more time you will have to park, do your warm-up, scout the course, ask questions to the volunteers, etc.

Answer: You will find the results the same day on our website and you will find the same results on the Sportstats page for some of our races.

Answer: You must contact Sportstats directly for any corrections to your result. If your name does not appear, you should also contact Sportstats. The most common causes for a result error are :

  • a mistake in writing your name, especially if you fill out the form by hand;
  • an oversight on your part in not informing us of a change in distance the same day;
  • have crossed the finish line more than once with your race number on you.

Answer: Yes. You must register if you want to run with your child. It is an insurance issue. If you are not registered, the race officials will not let you start.

Answer: Simply that the organizer has thought of everything to ensure that you can practice your activity safely! They have a civil liability insurance, a first aid team on site, a safety protocol in place with the municipal authorities, an organization permit, complete results posted within 7 days and a few other points.

In addition, the Circuit des Classiques offers courses that are certified by Athletics Canada (5 km and more, on road). This guarantees the runner the accuracy of the distance covered!

As a participant in the many road races in Quebec, look for SANCTIONED organizations!

Events taking place indoors prohibit the use of strollers for safety reasons. However, for those taking place outdoors, stroller use is allowed. We ask you to remain vigilant nonetheless.

All the information can be found in the Refund and Return Policy section.

Based on the winning times from previous years, we anticipate awarding medals at a certain time. However, if the medal ceremony for your distance has already taken place and you have not finished your race, it doesn’t prevent you from completing your race and being celebrated by everyone!