Did you know?

Did you know that walking or running a given distance requires the same amount of energy? The difference is in the time required to cover the distance, but the same physical effort is required for both actions. However, by increasing the speed, the effort becomes more intense, just like the ground impact. This is why some people can develop joint pain while running.


Come and walk!

At BougeBouge, we want to accommodate all participants. So, at all our events, you can run or walk. The only goal is to have fun while doing physical activity! Find a challenge that suits you and come to surpass yourself, without aches and pains the next day!


By allowing participants to walk our distances, we want to be inclusive and allow as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of physical activity. Regardless of age, fitness level, experience, etc., everyone is welcome to come and walk the distance of their choice! Our events are filled with families, but there is a generation missing! Challenge your parents to come walk and give them the gift of health!


Not convinced yet? Here are 5 benefits of walking:

  • 25-50% reduction in the risk of chronic diseases
  • strengthening of muscles and heart
  • secretion of endorphins and dopamine (good mood hormones)
  • improvement of neuromotor functions (anti-memory loss)
  • possibility of establishing connections with your environment and other walkers (or the BougeBouge community ;))


We invite you to walk with us! Choose the distance of your choice at your favorite event to take the challenge! Invite your friends and family, come and walk as a group and enjoy the festive atmosphere and the cheers of the crowd! Whether you’re a walking enthusiast, or new to this world, challenge yourself to YOUR well being!