Get involved in your community and launch your turn-key running club!

The financial and strategic advantages of a franchise

  • Sharing professionals with expertise in different fields such as graphic design, communication, erb, etc.
  • Negotiating agreements with common suppliers to reduce costs;
  • The development of computer and automation tools for franchisees;
  • The development of a joint promotional campaign;
  • Jointly conduct research and development activities on local issues in the fight against physical dropout.
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What is a social franchise?

A social franchise is a partnership in which franchisees (running clubs) use the successful BougeBouge business concept in exchange for a basic agreement to create an independent running club. The franchise system serves and supports the mission of BougeBouge against physical dropout and the common goals of economic expansion. We can help you create a BougeBouge Running Club while remaining totally independent.

Social franchising is rarely a strategy to generate surpluses for the company that initiates it. However, franchisees will benefit, just like BougeBouge, from the advantages of belonging to a network; increase in market share, group purchases on the online store, optimization of sporting events.

Especially since the beginning of the pandemic and the new reality that has to be faced, the development of a simple concept allowing people to move was a need we felt in the community. Franchising thus allows a balance between what the franchisee receives in terms of infrastructure and support from the franchisor and the franchisee’s revenues with registrations and the cost of maintaining the digital structure.

We make this concept profitable through the participation of franchise members in our sporting events and through local visibility.

Who can aspire to become a BougeBouge franchisee?

  • A social economy enterprise that wishes to diversify its activities and meet new needs or aspirations based on an existing model.
  • A group or local active living actors who wish to respond to an aspiration or address specific local issues regarding the mission of BougeBouge in its fight against physical dropout in their community.
  • A group wishing to launch a social economy enterprise with a turnkey model and benefit from the tools and support of another enterprise.

We chose to create social franchises in order to have a better anchoring in the communities and to increase the positive spin-offs in society through local actors. In addition, social franchises make it possible to respond to social issues arising from the new reality of the pandemic by making sport accessible and inclusive for all.

  • Highlighting local issues
  • Promotes learning and knowledge sharing among citizens
  • Facilitates the implementation or creation of an innovative project
  • Promotes the involvement of the franchisee in the BougeBouge initiatives
  • To allow franchise members to develop by using their skills
  • Promotes ownership and a sense of belonging
  • Member of the organizing committee for local events
  • Job creation

Our franchising project will multiply the number of people and communities that will benefit from our activities, services and products.

The network of social franchises will help to ensure the sustainability, relevance and efficiency of our business model aiming, among other things, at optimizing our sporting events and producing new lucrative initiatives. This project represents one of our most important sources of autonomous revenue.

This project also aims to increase the organization’s notoriety and its power of political influence for possible subsidies or financial support.

Includes a registration page, a website, 10 hats or caps and 5 hours of consultation and training.

see an example of a franchised website

Cost of a social franchise

Note: Awareness and economic evaluation of the concept have not been analyzed in this example. Such an evaluation will indicate the economic impact of our initiatives on our festivals and events.


during its first year
2 500 $Total expected costs for the franchisee for the first year.
  • 2000 $ Franchise purchase ( initial cost) *
  • 500 $ Club Insurance


from the second year onwards
1 500 $Total expected annual costs for the franchisee
  • 1000 $ Website maintenance and 5 hours of consultation
  • 500 $ Club Insurance

*Includes a registration page, a website, 10 hats or caps and 5 hours of consultation and training.