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BougeBouge is committed to forging inclusive, eco-responsible communities by creating a positive impact to combat physical disengagement.

Our Sustainable Development objectives contribute to equitable education, fight against dropping out of school and create partnerships in active community life. We educate young people about self-determined motivations for healthy living, and at the heart of our mission, we form active living initiatives in partnership with like-minded organizations.

Santé et bien être

Providing the means to live a healthy life and promoting well-being for all at all ages is essential for sustainable development.

This pillar is at the heart of BougeBouge’s mission and purpose:

  • Fighting physical inactivity by mobilizing communities to get moving and develop healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Create an ecosystem of players that enables communities to maintain initiatives around active living.

Qualité éducation

Ensuring equitable, inclusive, quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all

Make young people aware of the development of self-determined motivations for active living (S.D.L.M.), which can be transposed to other spheres of their lives, including academic success. The theory of self-determined motivation was developed jointly with a team of psychology researchers, and deals with the need for autonomy, the need for competence and the need for social connection, three essential needs for achieving personal goals.

Making learning opportunities accessible to as many people as possible, including under-represented populations and those at risk of dropping out of school physically, academically and socially.
BougeBouge Adventures are initiatives that link physical activity with culture. For example, in addition to encouraging the development of healthy lifestyle habits, Parcours Québec à la rencontre des peuples autochtones enables cultural exchange between aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities.


Inclusive partnerships built on principles and values, a shared vision and common goals are needed.

  • Create a fertile platform for the proliferation of community-based active living partnerships.
  • Work in partnership with organizations to co-create initiatives with shared or complementary objectives.
  • 5km BougeBouge Ottawa
  • 5km BougeBouge Montréal Souterrain

2 sports festivals 

(en collaboration avec ARL)

  • Festival BougeBouge & Marathon de l’Île Perrot
  • Festival BougeBouge Outaouais

Verdun événement running
  • Marathon BougeBouge Verdun

  • BougeBouge Wakefield – trail and road
  • BougeBouge RDP-PAT – Halloween Special

  • BougeBouge Beaconfield
  • BougeBouge Limbour
  • BougeBouge uOttawa

  • BougeBouge Verdun Running Club
  • Running groups in schools

  • Hip-hop
  • Yoga
  • Pilates

During the BougeBouge Verdun Marathon, members of the CIUSSS Centre-Ouest de Montréal rehabilitation day center came to take part with accompanying adults.

Here are a few testimonials on this enriching experience

“It was a great experience. There were so many supportive people, and there was even a band!”

– Day center member

“One of the most moving moments of the day was when our members crossed the finish line, greeted by applause and very enthusiastic comments from the commentators who congratulated them using their names. For them, the day was more than just a walk in the park, it was an opportunity to prove their abilities. Usually, they don’t have the opportunity to walk long distances because their condition limits their daily activities.”

– Éric Parent, kinesiologist in charge of the group

“For the first time, I felt useful…I often feel useless but this day made me realize that I’ve accomplished something great.”

– Day center member

Materials management

  • We install sorting areas for materials management (recycling, composting and waste), as well as posters to raise user awareness at all our events.
  • We have registered for RECYCLE certification from Recyc-Québec
  • We eliminate Styrofoam

Greenhouse gases

  • We encourage carpooling among your employees and volunteers, and provide parking spaces near activities to reward those who adopt the practice
  • We work to make bike racks (or a secure section) available to employees, volunteers and participants at our events.
  • We encourage telecommuting – even on an occasional basis, the cumulative impact is great.


  • We make sure we recycle our equipment or give it away to those who don’t have any.
  • We have replaced desktop computers with laptops, as they consume much less energy


  • We encourage people to fill their water bottles in public places, and use cardboard cups as much as possible at our water stations.
  • We work with Ball-o-shot to have zero-waste water stations.


  • We prefer to buy from local suppliers
  • We choose suppliers who offer a deposit or recycling system for their packaging.


  • We communicate our best practices to our staff, our customers and our community – each of the above suggestions can be communicated internally or on our social networks.
  • We inform our customers of our approach to sustainable development and suggest ways for them to get involved.
  • We take our customers’ criticisms and suggestions into account
  • We let our suppliers know that we care not only about their practices and products, but also about their packaging. We often ask them to send us more sustainable, recyclable, compostable, renewable and/or recycled-content packaging with less fossil-fuel-derived plastic.

Products et services

  • We opt for compostable/biodegradable packaging
  • We increase the durability of our products. Reusable products are given to our participants


  • We offer flexible working hours (work/family/study balance)
  • We encourage your employees to stay in shape (e.g. reimbursement of part of a gym membership)
  • We develop our employees’ skills as a means of strengthening our organizational capacity and motivating them
  • We offer mentoring to enable existing employees to advance within the company.

Continuous improvement

  • We assign specific roles to our employees so that they can play an active part in the process.

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