BougeBouge, founded by Olympian Kathy Tremblay, is a social economy organization that aims to prevent individuals from dropping out of school through the mobilization of active living actors in each community.

In pursuit of its mission, BougeBouge is launching a program of fun and accessible after-school running clubs for elementary and high school students. Responding to the objective of Encouraging a Physically Active Lifestyle of the Quebec Youth Policy 2030, these clubs create lasting bonds between young people, allow them to improve a motor skill that is transferable to a multitude of sports and will keep them motivated in the long term thanks to its progression. In addition, vignettes addressing different themes of healthy lifestyle habits are integrated.

Like many of our other projects, this one was born out of discussions with a committee of health and physical education teachers. At this time, running clubs are often the personal initiatives of teachers. This means that clubs are at risk of disappearing if the person in charge is absent, changes jobs, lacks time, etc. The BougeBouge Running Club program solves this problem by standardizing practices and offering a complete program that can be easily transferred to a new resource person.

With this in mind, we would like to suggest that you establish a BougeBouge Running Club in your school.

Best regards,

Kathy Tremblay

President & Executive Director | | 514 217-0049

Frequently asked questions and details

What is the club’s goal?

BougeBouge does not promote performance. The goal is to create an environment that the youth has chosen, where they feel competent and where they have created positive and lasting relationships.

What impact will the project have on youth?

The two main goals are to encourage youth to adopt a physically active lifestyle and to promote physical activity. BougeBouge Running Clubs develop physical literacy, engaging youth in a variety of meaningful activities and personal challenges as part of their lifestyle.

Who can coach a BougeBouge club?

A teacher or someone approved by the school, such as a parent.

How long does a BougeBouge session last?

The sessions last 8 weeks.

When do the sessions start?

At the first block of after-school activities at the beginning of the school year and/or the second block after the holidays, around March.

How does registration work?

The registration process will take place on the BougeBouge website. When a school confirms its intention to participate, its name will appear in the Club drop-down list. Students or their parents will be able to choose the right school.

What is the cost of registration?

Based on a minimum participation of 15 students, the cost is $144+TX per student, per session.

BougeBouge will provide one (1) coach for the eight (8) weeks, two (2) times per week, with a maximum ratio of 24 students per coach. Although there is a budget for additional coaches for each new tier of 25 youth (25, 50, 75), it would be interesting to see if we could put this cost into one of the following measures:

  • Action 15022 – School Wellness
  • Measure 15230 – Accessible and Inspiring School
  • Measure 15028 – Extracurricular Activities in High School

Are there any surpluses generated? If so, how will they be used?

As an NPO, BougeBouge does not make a profit from its initiatives. That being said, surpluses can be generated depending on the number of registrations per club. The more popular a club is, the greater the surplus will be. These surpluses will be redistributed to the school in the form of registration credits for a BougeBouge event. The BougeBouge team will be able to facilitate the process and answer any questions the contact person may have, but the data entry and registration of the youth will have to be handled by the club.
For example: A club of 40 youth can generate a surplus of approximately $1500. The school will be able to take advantage of a $1500 credit for a BougeBouge event and decide how to use it, whether to pay 100% of the costs for a certain number of participants, to divide the amount equally among the club members, etc.

What is included in the program?

  1. Two (2) training sessions per week at school, for eight (8) weeks;
  2. Bonus sessions to be done at home alone, with family or friends;
  3. One (1) club shirt per coach and per participant;
  4. Three (3) hours of coaching with the BougeBouge team;
  5. Redistribution of the surplus as a credit to a BougeBouge event with the club.