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What is volunteering?

Volunteering is about giving your time to strengthen your community and improve both your quality of life and that of others. There are many volunteer opportunities in the community that : Fulfill your passion, Fit your personality, Match your interests, Build on your experiences, Match your lifestyle, Contribute to your health and well-being

How does volunteering fit into my lifestyle?

You may be at a stage in your life where you no longer want to take responsibility or you may be able to take matters into your own hands. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities that fit a variety of interests and situations. You can volunteer… From home – In an office – In a garden – Abroad – With family and friends – Alone – During the summer – Once a year – Every day – Now or later – Short-term, long-term, permanent or occasional. Let us know in the form below.

Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering not only allows you to make a valuable contribution to the community, it also provides you with many benefits as a volunteer.

Benefits: Acquire new skills, Broaden your horizons Maintain and create a sense of belonging, Broaden your social and professional network, Stay active
Reduction:Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Low Self-Esteem Social Isolation, Stress-Induced Illness

Stay Connected

Share your experiences

See forward

Live your passions

Model the society

What type of volunteer work can I do with BougeBouge?

    • LEADERSHIP Facilitate a strategic planning session, Sit on our Board of Directors or on a committee, Chair a fundraising campaign, Participate in the development of a fundraising campaign for the Kathy Tremblay Foundation, Team Leader of permanent volunteers
      MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION Revise a human resources manual, Plan the schedule of volunteers for an event, Enter pre-event registration data, Provide general administrative assistance, Plan the strategic framework for volunteers involved on a long-term basis, Find and apply on grant applications for the Kathy Tremblay Foundation
      TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIAL MEDIA Writing articles on our website, Translating Fr/Ang, Personalizing a database, Giving running workshops in preparation for a MoveBouge

The possibilities are endless...

      • MANUFACTURING AND CRAFT INDUSTRY Build a mobile podium for the medal ceremony at BougeBouge
        NATURE AND ENVIRONMENT Research on good practice in eco-responsible events
        INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT Serve as an entrepreneurial mentor, Act as an advisor for one of our general managers
        DIRECT SERVICE Answering general calls from BougeBouge, Making follow-up calls to volunteer teams, Acting as a coach for a school team, Offering transportation to people at schools
        ENTERTAINMENT Play an individual or group musical instrument at an event, Paint collectively at a BougeBouge, Act as master of ceremonies at a volunteer awards night, Perform a comic monologue at a fundraiser.

Combine volunteering with other things you value in your life, such as :

Spend time with your family during a BougeBouge (volunteer with your family)

Spend time with friends (form a running group in your community)

Participate in a recreational activity (accompany a person with a disability to a BougeBouge event)

Volunteering and Retirement Planning

Volunteering can play a key role at all levels, but it can also help you through transitional periods such as retirement. Volunteering can help improve your quality of life today and leave a legacy for future generations. If transitions or your retirement brings about a change in your home, neighbourhood, health, employment situation or daily activities, volunteering can make your days useful and satisfying, and allow you to see things in a new light. Volunteering can help you connect with your community, help you maintain or develop new skills, and allow you to participate in the democratic process. Through volunteering, you can help create and preserve the society you want to live in for yourself and for future generations.

We look forward to hearing from you! Fill out the form below to tell us about your interests.