Why choose BougeBouge as a partner for your fundraising campaign?

Whether you are a teacher, a student, an entrepreneur or simply passionate about a particular cause, creating a fundraising campaign can be an excellent way to raise funds!

The mission of BougeBouge, a social economy NPO, is to prevent teens, young families and retirees from physical dropout. Deeply rooted in the values of the organization, the empowerment of young people translates into the development of a fundraising campaign at all levels. BougeBouge also supports the importance of art in the community and encourages artistic creativity. The personalization of products, available for fundraising campaigns, makes it possible to showcase one or more creations of the participants active in the campaign.

You should allow a minimum of 45 days from the time you place your order to the time you receive your products.

However, please note that this is an approximation and that delays may vary depending on delivery and the time required to obtain design approvals when products are customized.

Between the order and the sending of the design?

This step depends on the customer. It is up to the customer to provide the desired design for product customization.

Between the sending of the design and the reception of the mock-up?

You will need to allow approximately 12 business days to receive the mock-up for approval after sending your design.

Between the approval of the mock-up and the reception of the products?

It takes approximately 33 days from the time the client approves the mock-up for product customization to the time the products are delivered.

Additional fees for graphic design may apply to the order if…
  • There are more than two (2) alterations to the design originally sent.
  • More than 2 colors on a product are required in the design (except for bandanas, the choice of color is unlimited).

Shipping fees are included for orders over 300 items.

Charges may apply for additional orders.

The coloring book is free. The winner from your school who drew the item to be produced will be able to send us his or her drawing. Our graphic designer will then be able to produce a first mock-up. A color chart is required.

All products provided by BougeBouge for a fundraising campaign

must include the BougeBouge logo.

The choice of colors is unlimited. Additional fees are applicable for designs with more than 2 colors, with the exception of bandanas.


BougeBouge reserves the right to refuse any design that has sexual, violent, morbid connotations or that promotes in any way whatsoever an idea or movement that may harm an individual.

Position of the design\logo:

Includes one (1) design position to be validated.


Requesting a second (2nd) position of a design may incur additional costs.

Number of designs:

Fees will apply from the second (2nd) design to be printed.


All products currently offered on the BougeBouge online store are available for fundraising campaigns. You will find information on all products purchased in bulk in the product catalog. Here is an overview of the available products:





Reusable Bag

Washable Face Mask

Water Bottle

and more!