1 September 2022

BougeBouge from coast to coast

From Coast to coast is a physical activity project that involves the whole group in moving and discovering the country of Canada! Move, accumulate kilometers, and cross Canada, from sea to sea to sea!

375,00 $


  • Date: 1 septembre 2022
  • Start Time: 06h00a.m.
  • End Time: 05h00a.m.
  • Address: Site web de jeu numérique
  • Contact Details: dahlya@bougebouge.com



  • From April 1st to April 30th (official date)
  • Also available 12 months a year with the ALL-TIME ticket.

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Presentation of the Adventure

BougeBouge Coast to Coast is a mobilizing physical activity project that involves the whole organization in compliance with the health measures in force and the “bubble class” for schools. Move, accumulate kilometers, and cross Canada, from Coast to Coast !

Once a day or a week, take your group out for some fresh air. Go around your school, park or other route determined by the project leader to accumulate kilometers. The more you move around with your group, the more kilometers you accumulate!

Target clientele
Schools, businesses, cities and all groups wishing to get involved in a mobilizing activity.

Challenge period:
All of April 2021.

Place :
On the site of the participating school or organization.

Distance :
6000 to 12 000 km

Price :
$350 – $500 + txs

Crossing Canada, from Coast to Coast!

  • 10 BougeBouge winter beanies or caps, at the discretion of the organizers;
  • 10 bandanas;
  • 30 to 45 minute virtual conference with Olympian Kathy Tremblay;
  • BougeBouge tools available online for the creation of a running club and training plan through the initiatives MAVIA ;
  • Excel file to count and calculate the distance travelled;
  • A map of Canada to print and assemble in different formats to track your progress from Coast to Coast;
  • The flags of the 10 Canadian provinces and 3 territories.
  • SCHOOLS: The school ticket is addressed directly to the school principals in order to approve the sports and cultural project. Each motivated and committed teacher is asked to register his or her bubble class and motivate his or her students to travel miles.


  • COMPANIES: The BUSINESS ticket is addressed to an employee responsible for social and health activities in the organization, he is the one called the DOAL project manager. It is strongly recommended to allocate a maximum of one hundred (100) employees on one (1) ticket. If you expect to have more than 100 participants in your company, we suggest purchasing several tickets based on the number of participants expected. In the situation where multiple tickets are purchased, we suggest having one (1) project manager per ticket.CITIES: The CITY ticket is a little different from the other tickets since citizens will have access to an open ticket (with validation of their address) and their participation will allow them to receive one (1) multifunction bandana from their municipality. In this ticket one hundred (100) bandanas are included to be given to citizens.


  • MONTH OF CHOICE: The MONTH OF CHOICE ticket is valid at all times and is intended for groups who wish to participate in this challenge during a period other than the month of April.
  • Maps of Canada (provided by BougeBouge) to be printed and assembled (several printing formats are available);
  • Printing of the flags of the 10 Canadian provinces and 3 territories (supplied by BougeBouge);
  • A pin, token, etc. allowing teachers to identify the organization’s progress across Canada;
  • Approximately 150 sticks;

The Project Manager is the contact person for the From Coast to Coast project. This person, chosen by the organization, will ensure the smooth running of the activity, offer advice and support to group leaders, follow the progress of the organization and provide the materials to the groups. The first mandates of the project manager must be carried out before the beginning of the event :

Safe route

Determine a safe route on or near the organization’s site, such as a park. We suggest that you determine the route in partnership with the management of your school or company.

Calculate the value of a mark

A mark represents the distance of your route. For example, you determine your route as a run around your school. This course represents 800 meters. Your mark is therefore worth 800 meters!

Realistic and achievable timeline

Whether it is daily or weekly, plan a fixed and regular time for the activity. For example, you plan that one hundred (100) participants will run 2 kilometers per day for 30 days, allowing you to travel across Canada (the entire journey represents 6,000 kilometers), from coast to coast!

Sound signals

Provide an audible (or visual, at the discretion of the project manager) signal announcing the beginning and end of the activity for group trips.

Method to calculate the marks

Now that you know the value of a mark, how do you account for it? We suggest that each leader be equipped with several sticks at the time of the activity. When a participant goes around the course and passes in front of the leader, put a stick in a bag, use a multi-sticker tablet (Apps) or a manual counter (picture) for example. This way you can avoid contamination between people and have a concrete way to count the number of marks during the activity. For example, your course is 0.8 kilometers and you have completed 57 laps of the course with your team of 30 participants. You get 57 marks, so 57 sticks should end up in your bag. The distance covered by your group to enter in your excel file is 57 marks x 0.8 kilometers, or 45.6 kilometers in total.

Back-up plan

Have a back-up plan in case of bad weather. Plan an indoor route (in a gym, for example) for rainy or stormy days. Make sure to adapt the indoor course to be equivalent to your mark. If an indoor course is not an option, it may be worth considering postponing the activity to a later date in case of inclement weather.

In the event of reconfinement, the project can still proceed and we encourage you to keep the same time slots.

Collaboration of all members of the organization in the project. To motivate and involve all participants in achieving your objectives, take advantage of this activity to organize a fundraising campaign for a cause that is important to your organization.

The Project manager is responsible for measuring the progress of the organization and each group on the map of Canada. Have we crossed Alberta? Manitoba? Your map of Canada offered by BougeBouge will allow you to know where your organization is on the map of Canada.

When the organization manages to cross a province, the project manager will give the flag of that province to all the group leaders listed in the project’s Excel file.

The Canada course stretches over 6000 km with the possibility of continuing for 12 000 km.

  1. Each group goes to the starting point determined by the project manager for a short warm-up.
  2. Participants must wait for the signal before starting their first round.
  3. The first round of participants must be done by walking.
  4. Subsequent rounds can be done at each participant’s own pace.
  5. Each time a participant crosses the starting point, the group leader counts a mark (annotate a mark in a notebook, count on your Ipad with a counter application, put a stick in a bag, activate your hand meter, etc.).
  6. The leader sounds the signal announcing the end of the activity to the participants. Participants can complete the current route and go to the starting point.
  7. When all participants have arrived at the starting point, the group leader counts the number of marks accumulated during the race.
  8. The group leader calculates the total number of kilometers travelled by the group and indicates this in the document provided for this purpose.
  9. We suggest that you make a weekly announcement (through the intercom, for example) announcing which Canadian province the organization has travelled to.
  10. Each time the organization travels through a province or territory, the project manager will provide the group leaders with the flag of the province/territory.

No email or personal information will be sold or used for external promotion. We advise you to carefully read BougeBouge’s policies in this regard (in French only):


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