The SDMAL© approach in Quebec schools

BougeBouge’s actions are aimed at stimulating and training people in the SDMAL© motivational concept, which puts at the heart of its actions the education of the need for autonomy, the development of the sense of competence and the need for social connection. Our vision is to create a sustainable movement for active communities where vitality is sustainable.

The need for autonomy refers to the ability to engage in activities as a result of free choice and to feel that one is in charge of one’s own behaviors. The student should not feel pressured to participate in an activity and should be able to see the connection between that activity and the things that are important to them in life.

The need for competence refers to the feeling of having the internal resources (e.g. skills), external tools (e.g. the right shoes (sport), book (reading), etc.) and necessary information (e.g. background knowledge) to achieve a goal.

The need for affiliation refers to the importance of feeling connected to the people around us and creating meaningful relationships with people who are important to us.

OUR PROGRAM: Before, during, at lunch or after class

BougeBouge’s SDMAL© is an acronym that stands for Self-Determined Motivation for Active Living. It is a training and awareness tool for active living. It is offered free of charge before or after school hours. It is run by volunteers (teachers or citizens) and is designed to develop full human potential. The MAVIA© program runs for 10 to 12 weeks, and ends with a BougeBouge rally. Related initiatives such as public lectures and/or trainings for teachers, students and/or the general public will be offered as part of this program. As SDMAL© is also a doctoral dissertation project in schools, we are assessing the quality of motivation in order to measure the maintenance of a behavior and create sustainability in the movement. Studies have shown that quality of motivation, i.e. self-determined motivation, is more effective in adhering to and maintaining active behaviors in the long term. This approach is ideal to prepare for BougeBouge Adventures.

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