The BougeBouge Promenades Gatineau awaits you for a fun and safe sporting event on October 18th.

Gatineau, August 18, 2020 – Several months have passed since the declaration of the health emergency. Confined to their homes, some citizens have had difficulty maintaining good lifestyle habits. In addition, with the cancellation or postponement of sporting events, many have seen their motivation to get moving melt like snow in the sun.

“Containment and new public health regulations have inspired us to renew the way we organize running events. We can wait for it to pass or we can find ways to motivate and inspire people to set themselves new sporting challenges while having fun,” explains Charles-André Larocque, kinesiologist and assistant director at BougeBouge.

A safe event to help our local stores

“It was important for us to emphasize the importance of local businesses. Further still, we want to send a message of solidarity and support. This event will invite you to set foot in your favourite shopping centre and feel safe there,” says Charles-André, BougeBouge Assistant Director.

Usually, BougeBouge encourages people to complete their challenge as a group. However, this time the starts will be every 30 seconds in groups of 10 runners. Also, extra distancing measures will be put in place to avoid crowds and unnecessary contact. For example, the start and finish areas will be specially constructed to avoid crossovers between groups and specific start times will be given individually. It is still possible to challenge friends to race as everyone will have their own official “chip time” ranking.

It will definitely be a great challenge in terms of logistics,” says Charles-André. We’ll have teams specially assigned to manage the groups and maintain the distances. It’s a little puzzle that’s worth it. We really feel that the racers want to come back to our events and we are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure their safety and allow them to get the time of a race. We take care of everything. »

For those who still have fears, here are some measures that will be applied:

First of all, we understand your fears. We ourselves have young children and parents in the “at-risk” age group. We would not hold this event if we were not confident that our measures will ensure the safety of our volunteers, participants and ourselves.

Also, it is important to find sports activities to do as a family, for the health and pleasure of all. Here is a summary of the measures that will be implemented:

Individualized tee times: Unlike a conventional event, tee times will be in sub-groups of 10 people maximum. You will receive a precise departure time (ex: 8:08 am) for you and the residents of your address.
Management of the arrival of participants: Participants will be able to arrive on site a maximum of 60 minutes before the departure time, but must stay away. They will be asked to rejoin their departure group 2 minutes before the departure time. Each sub-group will be managed by a member of the team to ensure that distance measures are respected.
Post-race management: After crossing the finish line, participants will follow a security corridor to receive their runner’s bag without contact and will then be asked to leave the area.
Bib preparation and pickup: The team responsible for the preparation of the runners’ bags and the handing out of the bibs will be constantly evaluated and supervised by a health team leader. This means that anyone showing symptoms will be immediately refused and that anyone coming into contact with equipment will be required to wash their hands and wear a mask in a proper manner.
Other measures: Upon arrival at the race site, participants must wash their hands. In addition, all volunteers and members of the management team will wear masks if they are in close proximity to other people.
As you can see, we take the necessary means to ensure a positive and above all safe experience for all 🙂 We hope to see you on the starting line! Translated with (free version)

Event Information

Any person (athlete, chaperone, supplier, volunteer, organizing committee member, etc.) wishing to be admitted to the competition site must complete the following VIDOC Risk Waiver Form: VIDOC Risk Waiver Form 19.

Our commitment is to offer you the opportunity to run in complete safety while respecting the preventive measures recommended by public health. The starts are every 30 seconds in groups of 10 in order of distance: 5 km, 2.5 km and 1 km. Start times will be posted on the event page between 7:00 am and 9:00 am (changes may apply).

You will receive your precise start time a few days before the race, you must respect it (e.g. 7:00 am, 7:30 am). We will start every 30 seconds.

Click here to view your start time.

Ten (10) people will start at the same time, to respect the distance:
The starts will be by bib number, by distance.
Overtaking will be allowed. No agglutination of runners, except at a distance of 2m.
You must present yourself 2 minutes before your start in the waiting areas next to the start on one of the 10 boxes identified at 2m distance.
It is strictly forbidden to arrive at the competition site more than 60 minutes before your departure time.
Once the race is completed, you will be asked to leave the site.
Wearing a mask on the competition site is strongly recommended on the outdoor site and is necessary in the indoor section, for children 12 years old and older. We base ourselves on government public health recommendations.
The organization reserves the right to expel any participant or accompanying person who does not respect the instructions of the volunteers and organizers, without warning.

Transfer of registrations from BougeBouge Outaouais to BougeBouge Promenades Gatineau

Covid-19 forced the postponement of the May 3rd event. It was absolutely vital for the organizers to allow the participants to live the BougeBouge experience, but at a date that would allow them to reorganize and secure the health of the participants. All registrations from May 3rd will be transferred to October 18th. It is also possible to transfer one’s registration at no charge if one cannot be present on that day.

The October event was already in preparation before the pandemic. The unfailing support of the Promenades Gatineau team and the creativity of BougeBouge made this unique event possible. As with all BougeBouge events, this one will appeal to running enthusiasts of all levels, from walkers to elite runners.  The 5km and 2.5km distances will be offered in a mixed indoor and outdoor running course.

A $2.95 platform fee as well as GST and PST taxes will be added to your order.
No refund is possible for any reason.
Online registration will close on Sunday, one week before the event.
You can transfer your bib on site when you pick up your participant kit.
For late registration, you will be required to report to one of the bib pickup locations. You will have to pay in cash or by bank transfer. No cheques, credit/debit cards or web promo codes will be accepted.
Limited registration on the day of the event

Note that the table below is general for all events. The distances available for this event can be found at the bottom of the page.

21.1km 10km 5km 2km 1km Other activities Kiosk
< 3 months $55 $40 $35 $35 $0 or $30 – $500.00
3 months prior to event date $60 $45 $40 $35 $0 or $30 – $500.00
2 months prior to event date $65 $50 $45 $35 $0 or $30 – $500.00
1 month prior to event date $70 $55 $50 $35 $0 or $30 – $500.00
1- Closing of online tickets 6 days before the event.
2- For late registrations, we accept payment by bank transfer or cash.
3- Places are limited, no guarantee or bib reservation can be granted.
4- No promo code is accepted for late registration.
Day of the event
*Same for ages 12 and under $75 $60 $55 $40 $0 or $35 – $ Not Available Translated with (free version)

LOCATION:Les Promenades Gatineau at the Customer Experience counter located near Gate 8 (located near the food court) *

When: The days before the event

Thursday: Bib pick-up and late registration from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Friday: Bib pick-up and late registration from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: Bib pick-up and late registration from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

*The fastest way to get there is through gate #8. The counter is located at the red ”i”.  Participants can go through maloney, where the Simons is located, and turn left in the parking lot to go to gate #8. This is the entrance after the H&M.

  • Secure routes
    Electronic departure and arrival conveyor belt
    Kilometre markers and signs on all routes
    On-site first aid service
    Snacks for all participants
    The results will be timed by Sportstats. Results will be by age category (U5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12, 13-14, 15-19, 20-29… up to 60+).

We suggest you leave your valuable equipment in your car. There is no place to store your personal belongings.

You must park near gates 7 or 8 very close to The Bay and Scores, accessible by Bellehumeur or Maloney street. Here are the GPS points for Bellehumeur Street Google map here  ou Boul. Maloney Google map here

> Public Transportation

Station walk Google map HERE You can plan public transit by carpooling or by visiting the STO‘s Web site. For your information, a one-way fare costs $4 cash, and 1 day pass costs $7 (valid in Quebec and Ontario). To purchase this pass, go to the STO.‘s booths.

Société de transport de l’Outaouais – STO

The centre is strategically located along the Société de Transports de l’Outaouais (STO) Rapibus corridor, stretching over a distance of more than 12 kilometres from east to west on a bi-directional bus-only lane. This exclusive corridor connects Labrosse Boulevard to Alexandre-Taché Boulevard while serving the downtown areas of the Hull sector and Ottawa. Ten (10) stations distributed along the corridor offer a host of amenities to users, who have direct access to the shopping centre through the “Promenades” station.

An STO terminus is also available in the centre’s parking lot facing Chemin de la Savane (for regular routes). Riders can get there by taking routes #63 #67 and #87. To consult the route schedules, visit the STO’s  web site.

There will be washrooms inside the Gatineau Parkways, accessible through the entrance at Gate 6.

Near the start and 2.5km away. A bottle will be given at the finish line in a bag.

Hashtag #bougebouge on our page Facebook and Instagram

Win a pair of tickets for next year for the best picture with our hashtag. Click here to view the photo album of the event 

Eco-responsible guidelines :

  • Keep your garbage with you and throw it in the containers indicated…
  • Trade in your old pairs of sneakers

Info :

  • You will receive a graduate award (some exceptions apply due to the Covid-19).
  • Personalized bib
  • Gifts to the top three male/female finisher per race event
  • In the majority of our events, we give a medal in the form of a material to be used on the end of a key ring such as a cap, a bandana, a bottle, etc.

This race is affiliated with the Fédération d’athlétisme du Québec.