Québec City, the capital of the province of the same name, is a cultural and sporting emblem of winter throughout the world. Every year, the city attracts tourists from all over the world, curious to experience the real Canadian winter. Québec City makes this experience incredibly attractive, with hundreds of activities on offer in and around the city. Of all the options available to you, we’ve selected the most popular on the sporting side to give you a thrilling and challenging experience!

Let’s start with outdoor activities! There are many excellent parks for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hiking and even, on occasion, fat biking! If you don’t want to stray too far from downtown, head to the Plaines D’Abraham to enjoy its well-maintained trails and high-traffic areas, where you can socialize and get moving at the same time! Once you’ve stretched your legs, it’s time to head downtown for a traditional Québécois meal!

If you’re up for a little more driving, Jacque Cartier National Park is well worth it! Trails, refuges, dreamy vistas… you won’t be disappointed, and you’ll get your money’s worth in sporting options. Go after a snowfall for a beautiful landscape and enhanced snowshoeing effort.

In Charlevoix, you’ll once again find hundreds of trail options for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, but this time add downhill skiing too! The massif is renowned throughout the province for the quality of its trails. Let yourself hurtle down the slopes towards the river, or venture into the glades for all levels.

Closer to town are Mont Saint-Anne and Le Relais, in Stoneham. These two mountains are perfect for long days of downhill skiing or snowboarding. Take an introductory course if you’re a beginner, or venture down the World Cup-hosted slopes at Mont Saint-Anne for an adrenalin challenge!

Once you’ve completed all these sporting activities, you’ll deserve to celebrate! From January 25 to February 11, the Québec Winter Carnival brings the city to life with typical Québec winter activities. Shows, sliding races, ice structures, traditional foods, parades, ice hotels… it’s all there! Let yourself go in this magical universe, which promises to be grandiose for the Carnival’s 70th anniversary!

Finally, a simple but often overlooked activity: skating. Whether you do it at Carnaval or elsewhere in the city, an enchanting experience awaits you! The Place d’Youville skating rink is a treasure trove, allowing you to admire the city’s most beautiful and ancient buildings, such as the Capitole. Other skating options include the 3km Lac Beauport ring for an open-air experience, or the indoor ring at Galeries de la Capitale, where you can skate right in the middle of this unique shopping mall’s emblematic rides and attractions.

In fact, Galeries de la Capitale will be hosting the very first BougeBouge Québec! This innovative shopping mall with its family-friendly activities is just like BougeBouge, promising a festive and totally unique race atmosphere! Come and run a 5km race entirely indoors on January 28, and take a healthy break from the cold with us!

québec bougebougeAll in all, Quebec City is a city rich in history and culture, with no shortage of options to get you moving this winter! Be sure to spend a few days there when you take part in BougeBouge Québec to make it an unforgettable experience!