"One Spirit Unity Run" Running Event

On spirit one unity

Running together, unity forever – One spirit, one community

The One Spirit Unity Run embodies an effort led by Indigenous peoples, embraced by the community, and supported by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This race aims to foster positive interactions and mutual understanding between Indigenous peoples and all Canadians across the country. It symbolizes hope, healing, and reconciliation, rebuilding relationships in a safe space where everyone gathers to move towards unity. Indigenous cultures and traditions are honored at every step, contributing to building a more inclusive Canada. This organization inspires a national reconciliation movement and encourages Canadians to take action in creating a fairer and more just society. This respectful partnership with Indigenous communities demonstrates a commitment to reconciliation and healing. Participating in this race means contributing to positive change towards a future guided by understanding and mutual respect.

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Location: Joseph-Laberge Park in Chateauguay

When: October 22, starting at 7 AM

Distance: 1.5km and 5km walk and run (Opening at 9:30 a.m. Opening aboriginal prayer 10 a.m. Start 1.5KM and 5KM at 10:20 a.m.)

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Running and Commitment to Indigenous Peoples: The One Spirit Unity Run

Honoring Indigenous Lands: Respectful Collaboration

The One Spirit Unity Run is not just a sports competition; it’s also an opportunity to acknowledge and honor the traditional, unceded lands of Indigenous peoples. Before planning this race, the organizers took the respectful step of seeking permission from Indigenous peoples to hold the event on their lands, thereby demonstrating their commitment to preserving Indigenous culture and heritage.

Working Together: Collaboration with Indigenous Communities

This event emphasizes inclusivity and collaboration with Indigenous communities in Canada. Throughout the preparation and organization of the event, First Nations, Métis, and Inuit organizations have been involved at every stage of the process. Consultations were conducted to ensure that Indigenous values and traditions are respected, allowing the creation of an event that celebrates the richness of our country’s cultural diversity.

Positive Impact: Support for Indigenous Charities

The One Spirit Unity Run is more than just a race; it’s a way to contribute positively to Indigenous communities. All proceeds generated by this race will be fully donated to Indigenous charitable organizations. By participating in this event, each runner supports essential initiatives that will directly benefit Indigenous peoples, thereby strengthening the social impact of this race.

Committed Partners: Solidarity for a Common Cause

The success of this day also relies on strong support from various committed partners. Indigenous charitable organizations have joined forces in this effort, highlighting the importance of solidarity in this endeavor. The Mounted Police Foundation and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as partners, demonstrate their commitment to promoting the event and its social value.

Private Sector Support: National Endorsement

In addition to institutional partners, sponsoring companies have also played a vital role in the success of the One Spirit Unity Run. Companies such as the Ottawa Race and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society have contributed to give national prominence to this unique event and emphasize the importance of private sector support in promoting a common social cause.

Together for an Inclusive Future

By participating, each runner contributes to a collective effort to create a more inclusive, supportive, and culturally diverse future for our country. This running event goes beyond the finish line; it embodies the hope of a united nation, working hand in hand with Indigenous peoples to build a better future for all.

BougeBouge Hand in Hand with One Spirit Unity

It is with pride that BougeBouge collaborates with this significant movement to promote shared values. At BougeBouge, our values are based on the idea that we are always better together with empathy. Additionally, we believe that collectively we can truly make a difference in communities.


One Spirit Unity Run Running together, unity forever - One spirit, one community
  • Guided by Indigenous peoples
  • Community-led
  • Supported by the RCMP
  • Distances of 1.5km and 5km
  • 12 cities across Canada