What is the Business Challenge?

For many years, BougeBouge has been working with companies throughout Quebec to offer team building activities. In order to make this principle more widely available, we have created the business challenge. This challenge is a team building and fitness enhancing opportunity for your team! It combines autonomy and supervision to make it adaptable to your schedule and your needs. The challenge consists of preparing together to participate in a BougeBouge event! These are the perfect events for your team, thanks to their dynamism and festive atmosphere!


How does the challenge work?

The principle is simple! Each company can register in teams of 5 or 10 for the BougeBouge event of their choice. They just have to select the “business challenge” ticket when they register. Distances of 1km, 2km, 5km, 10km, 21.1km and 42.2km (depending on the selected event) are offered.


Each individual within the team can then choose the desired distance to walk or run. This way, each person has a personal challenge adapted to his or her abilities and ambitions. On the day of the event, the team is welcome to present itself in the corporate zone! In fact, teams of 10 or more people get a free promotional space to set up a booth!


To ensure that you arrive at the event in top shape, we have prepared training plans for each distance! Get them with your challenge registration and ensure consistent preparation between team members!


The Business Challenge: a challenge designed for you!

The BougeBouge Business Challenge is the perfect challenge to build your team spirit as it allows you to accomplish your personal goals, while being accompanied by your team. The preparation over several weeks ensures that the bonds developed around the challenge will endure despite the inevitable end of the challenge. Indeed, by preparing for a few weeks as a team, your employees will feel ready to go the distance with confidence during the event. The feeling of accomplishment shared by the entire team, following the many hours of work invested, will be a memorable and unifying element for your team.


Furthermore, this challenge is flexible and can be incorporated into your schedule without being overwhelming. You can choose the event of your choice, so the location and date are also up to you! Check out the BougeBouge events here!


Altogether, the BougeBouge Business Challenge is the perfect opportunity to make your business shine by putting health back at the heart of your priorities!