Become a BougeBouge volunteer by getting involved in one of our events!

Are you between 13 and 16 years old and need to complete volunteer hours as part of your school curriculum? Form a team of 4 people with a parent as team leader!

Involved parents motivates children! Click on one of the events below and become a BougeBouge volunteer!

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What is volunteer work?

Volunteering is about giving your time to strengthen your community and improve both your quality of life and that of others. There are many volunteer opportunities in the community that: Fulfill your passion, Suit your personality, Match your interests, Build on your experiences, Match your lifestyle, Contribute to your health and well-being

How does volunteering fit in my lifestyle?

You may be at a stage in your life where you no longer want to take on responsibilities or you may be in a position to take matters into your own hands. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities to suit different interests and situations. You can volunteer… From home – In an office – In a garden – Abroad – With family and friends – Alone – During the summer – Once a year – Every day – Now or later – Short term, long term, permanent or occasional. Tell us in the form below.

 Benefits of volunteering

Volunteering not only allows you to make a valuable contribution to the community, but it also provides you with many benefits as a volunteer.

  • Benefits: Gain new skills, Broaden your horizons, Maintain and create a sense of belonging, Expand your social and professional network, Stay active
  • Reductions: Stress, anxiety and depression, Low self-esteem, Social isolation, Stress-related illness

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Transform society

 What kind of volunteer work is available at BougeBouge

    • LEADERSHIP Animer une séance de planification stratégique, Siéger notre conseil d’administration ou à un comité, Présider une campagne de financement, Participer à la mise sur pied d’une campagne de financement pour la Fondation Kathy Tremblay, Team Leader des bénévoles permanents
    • GESTION ET ADMINISTRATION Réviser un manuel de ressources humaines, Planifier l’horaire des bénévoles dans le cadre d’un événement, Saisir des données d’inscription en pré-événement, Offrir une aide administrative générale, Panifier l’encadrement stratégique des bénévoles impliqué à long termes, trouver et appliquer sur des demandes de subvention pour la Fondation Kathy Tremblay
    • TECHNOLOGIE ET MÉDIAS SOCIAUX Rédiger des articles sur notre site Web, Faire de la traduction Fr/Ang, Personnaliser une base de données, Donner des ateliers de course à pieds en préparation à une BougeBouge

The possibilities are endless...

      • FABRICATION ET ARTISANAT Construire un podium mobile pour la cérémonie de remise de médailles aux BougeBouge
      • NATURE ET ENVIRONNEMENT Effectuer une recherche sur les bonnes pratique d’événement éco-responsable
      • SOUTIEN INDIVIDUEL Servir de mentor entrepreneurship, Agir à titre de conseiller pour un de nos directeurs général
      • SERVICE DIRECT Répondre aux appels générale de BougeBouge, Faire des appels de suivi des équipes bénévoles, Agir à titre d’entraîneur pour une équipe scolaire, Offrir le transport à des personnes à des écoles
      • DIVERTISSEMENT Jouer un instrument de musique individuel ou en groupe lors d’un événement, Faire de la peinture collective lors d’une BougeBouge, Agir à titre de maître de cérémonie au cours d’une soirée de remise de prix pour bénévoles, Faire un monologue comique dans le cadre d’une collecte de fonds

Join your volunteering with other things you value in your life, such as:

Spend time with your family at BougeBouge (volunteer with your family)

Spend time with friends (form a running group in your community)

Participate in a recreational activity (accompany a person with a disability to a BougeBouge event)

Volunteerism and retirement planning

Volunteering can play a key role at all levels, but it can also help you through transitional periods such as retirement. Volunteering can help enhance your quality of life today and allow you to leave a legacy for future generations. If times of transition or retirement mean a change in your home, neighbourhood, health, employment situation or daily activities, volunteering can make your days meaningful and satisfying, and allow you to see the situation in a new light. Volunteering can connect you to your community, help you maintain your skills or learn new ones, and allow you to participate in the democratic process. Through volunteering, you can help create and preserve the society you want to live in, for you and for future generations.

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