Interested in volunteering in the Outaouais?

BougeBouge is currently looking for volunteers during the Festival Outaouais 2021! Be part of a dynamic team during an enriching experience!

Business Leader



Manages the planning and operations of 2 to 4 sites

District supervisors



Supervises the operations of one (1) site

Support for activities


per day

Participate in the smooth running of activities 

Volunteer- Outaouais

    The dates and times may change depending on the event. Our team will contact you to confirm your position.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • I am looking for or/I am interested in receiving and hosting other volunteers from other regions to help bring the team together as part of the BougeBouge family.
  • We are curious to know you! If you are open to the idea we would be interested to know: What is your profession and/or background? What are your interests? Are you in contact with any other volunteer groups? Are you involved with any other organizations? What do you do best in your daily life?

Interested in volunteering?

Find out how you can get involved with BougeBouge by becoming a permanent volunteer, a BougeBouge coach or a sports agent during the Festival BougeBouge Outaouais 2021!