Admission to the BougeBouge activity site

Any person (athlete, companion, supplier, volunteer, organizing committee member, etc.) who is/will be admitted to any BougeBouge activity site must complete the COVD-19 risk waiver form below:

    RISK WAIVER FORM I hereby declare that I understand all the risks associated with the practice of running, virtual races or events, yoga, zumba, bootcamp or any other sports activity offered by BougeBouge that is not federated or associated with a membership. The risks associated with the activity in which I will be participating are, more specifically, but without limitation: injuries due to falls or other movements (sprain, strain, fracture, etc.), injuries with a blunt or cutting object, injuries resulting from contact between participants or their sports equipment, heat-related disorders, etc. Consequences may include, but are not limited to, breakage or loss of equipment or materials, personal injury, trauma and even death. I declare that I am in the state of health and physical fitness required for such an activity; I declare that I do not have a heart condition; I agree to conduct myself in a safe and responsible manner; I agree to follow at all times all instructions and guidelines given by the organizing committee; I agree not to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol; I agree to comply with the COVID-19 health rules. Unless otherwise provided by law, I acknowledge the risks associated with these sports and I release from all responsibility, the municipality or city where the event takes place, the organizing committee, its volunteers, officials, employees, representatives, administrators, for any damage that I or my property may suffer as a result of the practice of running, whatever the cause or nature. To this effect, I hereby waive all recourse against the above-mentioned persons. This declaration is binding on my heirs and legal successors. I also hereby grant any medical personnel at the event access to all my or the minor participant's medical records and authorize any necessary medical treatment if required. I understand that I have the right to refuse medical care and advice from the event medical staff. I hereby accept responsibility for all medical expenses incurred as a result of training or participating in the event, including but not limited to ambulance transportation, hospital expenses, medical personnel and pharmaceutical products and services. I agree, whether or not I am a resident of Canada, not to hold medical personnel responsible for any damages resulting from any required medical treatment(s) provided to me. I hereby authorize the organizers to reproduce, distribute and publish the photos or videos taken during the event on which I appear for use in its communication tools such as publications, advertisements or on its website. This authorization is valid without time and territory restrictions for the uses mentioned above. I waive any legal recourse and any claim against the organizers regarding the distribution and publication of the photos in the context of the uses mentioned above. I accept all the conditions contained in this form and if I am under 18 years of age, I declare that I have obtained the consent of my parent or guardian before completing this registration form. Note: In this text, the masculine gender includes both genders and is used to lighten the text. COVID-19 BougeBouge, undertake to comply with all requirements and recommendations of the Santé Publique du Québec and other government authorities, and to implement and adopt all necessary measures to this effect. However, BougeBouge cannot guarantee that you (or your child, if the participant is a minor / or the person for whom you are the guardian or legal guardian) will not be infected by COVID-19. In addition, your participation in activities could increase your risk of contracting VIDOC-19, despite all the measures in place. ------------------------------------------------------ By signing this document, 1) I recognize the highly contagious nature of VIDOC-19 and I voluntarily assume the risk that I (or my child, if the participant is a minor / or the person for whom I am the guardian or legal guardian) may be exposed or infected with VIDOC-19 through my (his/her) participation in running activities. Exposure to or infection with VIDOC-19 may result in injury, illness or other conditions; 2) I declare that my participation (or that of my child, if the participant is a minor/ or the person for whom I am the guardian or legal responsible) in the running activities is voluntary; 3) I declare that neither I, (or my child, if the participant is a minor/ or the child's parent), nor the person who is the subject of the application is a minor.