Inspired by the beauty of the riverside and the safety of being able to run a loop on the beautiful path.

The event is cancelled, but we want to keep you Motivated! Take the challenge: I Dare You!

It can be hard to keep your goals in mind. Here’s your chance to participate in a challenge with your friends or family. Take advantage of the flexibility of the virtual race to accomplish the challenge you set for yourself at the registered event.  You will have from today to the date of the event originally planned to complete your challenge in distances. Use your GPS watch or rely on the maps on our website to help you with your distance. By choosing to take the Virtual Challenge, you are contributing to the BougeBouge mission: Fighting physical dropout.

On the date of the planned event, we invite you to pick up your participant kit at the event’s departure point. A team of volunteers will welcome you and give you your kit which will include  

  1. Medal (yes a real one)
  2. Winter beanie
  3. Baseball cap
  4. Bandana
  5. Sample of healthy snacks from our partners
  6. An official photo in front of our BougeBouge wall to highlight your accomplishment.

Tag us in a social media publication when you complete your challenge! Instagram #bougebouge

For the runners of the virtual race
Monseigneur J-A-Richard Park Parking Lot
Address: Race start at the corner of LaSalle Boulevard and 2nd Avenue MAP From: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Start line

Our commitment is to offer you the opportunity to run in complete safety while respecting the preventive measures recommended by public health. The starts are every 30 seconds in groups of 7 in order of distance: 10 km, 5 km and 1 km. Start times will be posted on the event page between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. (changes may apply).  You must arrive no earlier than 30 minutes before your departure. 

You will receive your precise start time a few days before the race, you must respect it (e.g. 7:00 am, 7:30 am). We will start every 30 seconds, you can check your start time on the Sportstats website.

Seven (7) people at a time will take the start, in order to respect the distance:

  • Starters will start by bib number, by distance.
  • Overtaking will be allowed. No agglutination of runners, except at a distance of 2m. 
  • You must present yourself 2 minutes before your start in the waiting areas next to the start on one of the 7 boxes identified at 2m distance. 
  • It is strictly forbidden to arrive at the competition site more than 30 minutes before your departure time.
  • Once the race is completed, you will be asked to leave the site. 


Spectators and accompanying persons

The spectators present must be kept away from the participants and the latter are not allowed to enter the competition site (i.e. start and finish areas, course and other provisions erected by the organization).

The physical distance of two metres must be respected at all times and the wearing of face coverings is strongly recommended.

Wearing a mask on the competition site is strongly recommended on the outdoor site and is required in the indoor section, for ages 12 and over. We base ourselves on government public health recommendations.

The organization reserves the right to expel any participant or accompanying person who does not respect the instructions of the volunteers and organizers, without warning.


Reception at the entrance of the competition site

Access to the competition site will be controlled by the Organizing Committee and will proceed with a verbal questionnaire or by answering our online QR questionnaire to ensure that each person entering the site does not present any symptoms related to VIDOC-19.

In order to avoid crowds, participants should be encouraged to arrive ready for their event and to leave as soon as possible after the end of the event. 

  1. A platform fee of $2.95 as well as GST and PST taxes will be added to your order.
  2. No refund is possible for any reason.
  3. Online registration will close on Sunday, one week before the event.
    You can transfer your bib on site when you pick up your participant kit.
  4. For late registration, you will be required to report to one of the bib pickup locations.
  5. You will have to pay in cash or by bank transfer. No cheques, credit/debit cards or web promo codes will be accepted.

Note that the table below is general for all events. The distances available for this event can be found at the bottom of the page.

21.1km 10km 5km 2km 1km Other activities Kiosk
< 3 months $55 $40 $35 $35 $0 or $30 – $500.00
3 months prior to event date $60 $45 $40 $35 $0 or $30 – $500.00
2 months prior to event date $65 $50 $45 $35 $0 or $30 – $500.00
1 month prior to event date $70 $55 $50 $35 $0 or $30 – $500.00
1- Closing of online tickets 6 days before the event.
2- For late registrations, we accept payment by bank transfer or cash.
3- Places are limited, no guarantee or bib reservation can be granted.
4- No promo code is accepted for late registration.
Day of the event
*Same for ages 12 and under $75 $60 $55 $40 $0 or $35 – $ Not Available

Any person (athlete, chaperone, supplier, volunteer, organizing committee member, etc.) wishing to be admitted to the competition site must complete the COVID-19 risk waiver form found below: formulaire de renonciation des risques covid 19.

  • A graduation prize will be given to you upon arrival (some exceptions apply).
    Personalized bib.
  • Gifts to the first three male/female “finisher” per race event.
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  • Secure routes.
  • Electronic mats at the start and finish.
  • Kilometre markers and signs on all the courses.
  • First aid service on course.
  • Snacks for all participants.
  • Results will be by age category (U5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12, 13-14, 15-19, 20-29… up to 60 years old+).

This race is affiliated with the Fédération d’athlétisme du Québec.

Toilets will be available at :

– Thérien Park

– On the way to the Maison Nivard-De Saint-Dizier, museum and archaeological site ( HERE )

Water stations will be present on the 21.1km, 10km and 5km courses as well as a snack and refreshing drinks at the finish.

Water station :

– At the turn of the 5km loop, on both sides of the bike path.

– At the turn of the 10km, on the bike path

You can get to the event site via the Champlain Bridge (Highway 20) or Honoré-Mercier (Route 138).

You will be able to park at :

  • Monseigneur Richard High School
  • Verdun Auditorium (fees may apply)
  • Multi-storey parking located on Wellington Street, between De l’Église and Hickson Streets (fees may apply)
  • Neighbouring streets (fees may apply)

The nearest subway station is:

  • – Lasalle or De l’Église

We suggest you leave your valuable equipment in your car. There is no place to store your personal belongings. Monsignor Richard High School will be closed to the public.

  • Please put the garbage in the correct recycling bins.
  • Do not throw garbage on the ground during your activity.
  • Bring your water bottle

Voir l’avis aux citoyens pour la fermeture partielle des rues: AVIS IMPORTANT AUX RÉSIDENTS Brise du Fleuve _Verdun