6 good reasons to register today:

  1. Discover differently the underground city of Montreal
  2. Do a sport activity with family members and friends
  3. Participate in a race in the middle of winter (warm)
  4. Receive lots of surprises … Even if you walk during the race!
  5. Join the party at the end of the race
  6. Enjoy the preferential price
  1. A $ 2.95 platform fee as well as the GST and QST taxes will be added to the shopping cart.
  2. No refund is possible for any reason.
  3. Online registrations will end on Sunday, one week before the event.
  4. You can do a bib transfer while retrieving your participant kit.
  5. For a late registration, you will have to present yourself at any race kit pick-ups. You will have to pay by cash or bank transfer. No check, credit/debit card or promo code will be accepted.

Note that the table below is general for all events. The available distances for this event are at the bottom of the page.

21,1km 10km 5km 2km 1 km Other activities Kiosk
< 3 months 55 $ 40 $ 35 $ 35 $ 0 or 30 $ – $ 500,00 $
3 months before race date 60 $ 45 $ 40 $ 35 $ 0 or 30 $ – $ 500,00 $
2 months before race date 65 $ 50 $ 45 $ 35 $ 0 or 30 $ – $ 500,00 $
1 month before race date 70 $ 55 $ 50 $ 35 $ 0 or 30 $ – $ 500,00 $
1- Online tickets closes 6 days before the event.
2- For late registrations, we accept bank transfer or cash as payment methods.
3- Places are limited, no guaranty or bib reservation can be granted.
4- No promo code are accepted for late registrations.
Race day
*Same for kids under 12 years old
75 $ 60 $ 55 $ 40 $ 35 $ – $ Not Available

Week of the event





  • Note that pickup times and days are subject to adjustment based on registration.
  • When it is the case, it will be possible to pick up his bib on the morning of the event.
  • A colleague can pick up the bib of his friend or group of participants with proof of registration.
  • Be sure to validate the information the week before the event.
  • Every finisher will receive a prize (some exceptions apply).
  • Personalized bib.
  • Gifts to the top three “finisher” men/women by race.
  • Make sure you follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to participate to our different contest.
  • Secure course
  • Electronic carpet on departure and arrival
  • Milestones and signaling on all courses
  • First aid service present
  • Snacks for all participants
  • We will have results by age category (U5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12, 13-14, 15-19, 20-29… until 60 years old+).

This race is affiliated with the Quebec Athletics Federation.

Bathrooms will be available at :

– Cours Mont-Royal: Metro Level – 4 bathrooms H et F

– Place Montreal Trust: 1st floor on the restaurants level (Jardin Level) – 10 bathrooms H et F

– Centre Eaton: On all the floors – Approximately 3 bathrooms H et F

– In all sections ; look at public signs

There will be water station on the course as well as snack and refreshing drinks at the finish line.

Water station :

– at 3km into the course ; at the World Trade Center

The race will start at the Carrefour Industrielle Alliance, which will be our starting point. The Carrefour is located at 977 St. Catherine Street West, between the Simons and the Scotiabank movie theatre. On Sundays, the doors will open at 5 a.m. To get to the starting point, you will have to take the stares that will take you directly to the Carrefour Industrielle Alliance foodcourt.

Please note that the departure and arrival points are not at the same location. A metro ticket must be purchased in order to return to the start. 

You will find a parking lot at :

  • Indigo of Complexe Montréal Trust (entrance at the Mansfield and Maisonneuve intersections); once in the indoor parking lot, you will have to take the elevator to the metro level and follow the directions to Carrefour Industrielle Alliance
  • Manulife House (outdoor parking accessible from Metcalfe Street at the Manulife and Carrefour Industrial Alliance intersections, see map HERE); once in the parking lot, simply take the elevator to the subway level and follow the directions to Carrefour Industrial Alliance.

Fees may apply. See other possibilities HERE.

The nearest metro station is :

  • Mcgill: Coming from McGill station, you will have to go through the metro doors to the Eaton Centre and Place Montréal Trust to get to Carrefour Industrial Alliance.
  • Peel: Coming out of Peel station, you will have to go through the doors of Cours Mont-Royal and continue straight ahead to Carrefour Industriel Alliance.

To return by metro to the departure point at the Industrial Alliance intersection, go to Place des arts, take the green line to Angrignon and get off at McGill or Peel (1 or 2 stations further). The Place des arts metro station is located opposite your 5km entrance to Complexe Desjardins.

The walk from Complexe Desjardins to the Industrial Alliance crossroads is 1.1km from the outside.

There is a locker-room at the Complexe Desjardins as well as at Place Bonaventure. You will have to leave your clothes at one of those two locations (boot, coat, etc.) and then take the subway to get to the departure point. Expect that there will be a cost for the locker room.

No space is provided for your belongings at the place of departure. Take note that we are not responsible for loss or theft if you make the decision to leave your belongings there.

If you park in the underground parking, we suggest you leave your warm clothes in your vehicle.

Note that the starting and ending points are not at the same places. The departure being at the Carrefour Industrielle Alliance and the arrival at Complexe Desjardins. If you decide to leave your clothes at the start, plan to run with money ($) or have your metro ticket on hand for the return trip.

Eco-responsible regulations :

  • Please put the waste in the good recovery tank.
  • Do not throw rubbish on the ground during your activity.
  • Bring your own water bottle for filling at the tap.
  1. To avoid traffic, departures will be by small group starting with the fastest participants. They will be done continuously every 3 seconds.
  2. On the day of the event, ALL athletes must be at the departure point for 8:30 am. Corridors must be released to avoid collisions. If you plan to leave your clothes in the locker room (Place Bonaventure), allow about 20 minutes (2km) of walking to get to the starting point.
  3. No space is provided for your belongings at the place of departure. Take note that we are not responsible for loss or theft if you make the decision to leave your belongings there.


It is prohibited to warm up on the mail, or any other type of race/exercise in the Montreal Trust area or Eaton Centre due to work in progress