How it works

  1. What: Discovery Kit Pilot Project
  2. Or: Outaouais
  3. For whom: Teachers and schools BougeBouge
  4. Why would I do that? To allow teachers and students to try 22 different sports discovery kits for free.
  5. How: Each kit will have between 15 and 30 units to get a whole class moving. The teacher will be able to try the material for one (1) week. Every Friday the material exchanges will be done. For example, the teacher requests the material for the week of February 24th to 28th. The teacher will have to pick up the discovery kit at the warehouse or at his colleague’s school on the previous Friday, February 21 and vice versa. The school must participate with its students in one of the BougeBouge gatherings in the region.


Here are your 22 options:

  1. Badminton
  2. Running Club
  3. Dek Hockey (field)
  4. Equestrian (mini pony)
  5. Climbing (climbing shoe, chalk bag and harness)
  6. Field hockey
  7. Fitness kit (elastic-kettlebell)
  8. Kit combat sport (karate and boxing)Furnish the accompaniment and an awareness workshop with 1 speaker to make the teacher aware of the rules. Must be put back in a hockey pocket + pad clib with inventory + decathlon email contact for lack of equipment or damaged stuff.
  9. Indoor mini golf
  10. Pickleball
  11. Table tennis
  12. Portable pump track of the city of gatineau
  13. Finnish keel
  14. Roller (knew pad)
  15. Snorkeling (not in a bougebouge)
  16. Portable soccer and goal
  17. Yoga Mat
  18. Tennis
  19. Archery
  20. Touch rugby
  21. Scooter
  22. TurnBall Junior

Kit découverte

  • Date Format: YYYY dash MM dash DD
    SVP, nous indiquer la semaine que vous voulez utiliser le kit. La date doit être un LUNDI (début de la semaine)