Our actions aim to organize sports events to stimulate and train people in the concept of motivation, which puts at the heart of its actions the education of the need for autonomy, the development of the feeling of competence and the need for social connection. Vision: To create the sustainability of a movement for active communities where vitality is sustainable.







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BougeBouge Tours

Move to learn! Connecting people to the places, history and art of the regions

The ultimate goal of the BougeBouge Tours project is to get the whole population moving in the different neighborhoods that are being developed while introducing the local places, history and artists. The project of BougeBouge Tours aims at uniting sport, art and culture, local economy and tourism. This initiative is sustainable and accessible twelve months a year.

The project consists of creating self-guided tours (with a GPS system) that inform participants as they move from one place to another with their phone or tablet, outdoors or indoors, on a particular theme. With the help of interactive maps, points of interest, multimedia content (audio, video, text, photo), route suggestions, GPS user-position tracking and assisted driving directions, BougeBouge proposes to enhance local interests by focusing on the discovery of routes accessible by active transportation. When the application is acquired from the App Stores/Google Play Store, its content is downloaded to the phone and allows users to continue using it in offline mode.

It is tempting to think that Art and Sport sleep in separate beds … we tend to imagine these worlds as separate spheres, in which sport is fully masculine, and art is socially coded as effeminate.

We started from the proposition that there are links between arts and sport that can help increase participation and promote cultural citizenship. Certain social groups with lower incomes and levels of education are often put off by the air of exclusivity and the high “cultural capital” requirements of traditional artistic activities. Similarly, it seems plausible that the arts can play a role in changing the sport experience and broadening the audience for sport by communicating alternative messages about what sport is all about. We also wanted to explore collaborations between sport and the arts that can stimulate cultural experimentation and take a fresh look at the aesthetics of sport, as well as to examine the potential benefits to physical and mental well-being of greater collaboration, which could address the problems generated by modern lifestyles.

The mission of BougeBouge is to fight against physical dropout. In the past, we addressed the problem mainly with young families, teenagers and seniors. With the new reality brought about by the pandemic, BougeBouge has redoubled its efforts to bring physical activity into homes that now have to face a new, rather sedentary reality. Initiatives to fight physical dropout also help promote well-being. Moving is essential, and it’s good for morale! We believe that all pretexts are good reasons to move and get active. Why not go outside and discover the surrounding area? Incubator of social innovations, BougeBouge launches its brand new application to fight against physical dropout while learning. BougeBouge Tours is a pilot project that combines technology, art and the discovery of historical and cultural heritage with physical activity. This is a fabulous opportunity to get outside and get moving!

BougeBouge mobile

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in parks

Get the community moving in an inclusive and accessible way.

City center animation

  • Sports and artistic animation in the city centers
  • Activity of valorization of local businesses

BougeBouge - Public Event

Creating an identity and a gathering for active living in a community

  • Running course, from 1km to 21.1km
  • Focused on the pleasure and discovery of sport
  • Offers other sports activities (karate, racquet sports, bootcamp, zumba, yoga, etc.). Demonstration sports depend on local partnerships.
Our events

Virtual BougeBouge

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Virtual races

Offer flexible, distance-based sporting events.

  • Participants choose their own challenge: cycling, running, hiking, etc. Some special editions will offer a specific challenge.

BougeBouge at work

Optimize the available resources and gather the staff in a sports corporate vision image.

  • Creation of virtual challenges specific to the company.
  • Planning of training in preparation for the challenge.
  • Conferences on motivation and health at work.

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Collectif art

Promote culture and sport with the community, citizens and local artists.

  • Collective art activities
  • Drawing book: I create my identity

We love each other: the social solidarity of Pincourt and the talent of Tina Struthers

By Jessica Brisson, Journalist

– Photo: The art of Capturing by Josiane Farand

The result of the Pincourt Healthy City Committee’s efforts to create a supportive and united community, the artwork On s’aime ensemble (We love each other together) made its debut in Pincourt’s Bellevue Park.

The artwork created by artist Tina Struthers, with the help of the citizens of Pincourt, was an opportunity for everyone to express their desire and take their place, in equal measure, in the community.

This newly installed bench represents social inclusion. Thanks to the citizens, several intergenerational meetings took place. The spectacular visual is the fruit of time, passion and creativity of Pincourtois.

It is with the objective of creating a united and supportive community that the Comité Ville en santé de Pincourt has established the Pincourt, on sème ensemble award, which aims to highlight initiatives by citizens or groups in the community who wish to contribute to greater social solidarity. Each year, the winner of the contest will be inscribed on the artwork On s’aime ensemble.

This project was made possible thanks to the support of many partners, including the i, which offered a grant for the creation of this work of art, the Comité Ville en santé, the management of the City of Pincourt, as well as the Public Works Department for its collaboration from start to finish. The Infografilm company also collaborated on the project, thanks to its professional printing service.

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