Here’s a short article we did in collaboration with Love Good Fat about the relationship between sports performance and low sugar diet. Kathy Tremblay, the founder and director of the organisation BougeBouge, is a triathlon athlete and two-time Olympian. On to this day, she is still training and keeping herself as active as ever. She tries other sports like karate and kick boxing and started swimming again after seven years out of racing. We can see her run on a daily bases bringing her kids to school or to day camp. Or if not you may see her on the weekend with her husband and kids carrying her baby jogger behind her olympic bike, it’s ironic now !

“How do your eating choices impact your performance as an athlete?”

It allows me to have a stable level of energy and motivation. I try to choose food that brings me balance in calories, carbs and protein. Every athlete, body and sport need a proper balance in the necessary nutriments. So it is important to listen to the experts and to your body !

“What differences did you notice living a low-sugar/low-carb lifestyle compared to before?”

It’s just so amazing to not have to eat every 5 minutes ! Low sugar diet makes you have a sustainable energy and glycemic level. It allows me to perform longer without being hungry all the time and without having a feeling of lack of energy of some sort.

“How do you stay motivated to keep yourself on track with your nutrition and fitness goals?”

It’s pretty simple actually. I don’t make my healthy nutrition seem like it’s a diet or my fitness goals like a prerequisites for good performances, but more like it’s a lifestyle. My morning run has become a routine and not a task or an obligation for a competition or a fitness goal. With that saying, it is important to mention that my fitness goal isn’t a weight loss goal but an overall active goal meaning that I want to keep myself fit and healthy. I think that setting your mind to a realistic goal can easily increase your motivation into keeping yourself on track !

“BougeBouge aims to prevent physical dropout, do you think that having a healthy diet is important to maintain physical activity?”

It’s all about changing one habit at the time, it’s not going to change overnight. For sure food have an impact on the way you feel. If you don’t eat well, it is possible that you won’t have a motivation to do sports since your level of energy is low. It’s always about your personal motivations and the goal you would like to achieve.

“What’s your favorite way to enjoy a Love Good Fats bar?”

When i come back from training or in the middle of a work day, I always enjoy a bar that is freshly out of my fridge ! Since they are a little hard, it makes me feel like I’m eating a chocolate bar. I love it !