Course à pied Circuit madala-bougebougeTOGETHER TO A MOVEMENT OF VITALITY!

Not so long ago she was a double Olympian, now she is a mother and a committed entrepreneur. Kathy Tremblay, who took upon herself a mission: to motivate a social change! This is how was founded.

Each community has a social responsibility towards its youth. Thus, after launching Team Altius, which promotes the integration of an active living program in the workplace, Kathy created BougeBouge a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) in order to move communities and fight against dropping of physical activity

Mission, vision and values ​​of our social economy as a NPO

BougeBouge is a community organization that brings people together from across Quebec, around principles motivating self-determined active lifestyles. Our mission is to prevent the dropping off of physical activity in adolescents, young families and retirees by bringing together active community members

BougeBouge have for  Mission to prevent inactivity among youth, young families and retireesby bringing them together active life actors in communities, education to develop the sense of competence and support for self-reliance and active communities, where vitality is sustainable.

Vision :

Our virtues and values:  

  • One step at a time – humility and empathy: our ambitions are realistic and we accomplish our goals respecting the limitations of each and every one.
  • If you want, you can – optimism and perseverance: we believe in the will and capabilities of each individual to get engaged.
  • Better together – fun and cooperation: we believe it is better to celebrate a success as a team than to shoulder a failure alone.

Although now inevitably associated with Obama, the mantra that expresses who we are and our approach towards individuals and communities is:  “Yes we can.”.